About us

Ulmanu Private Clinic, a Certified Medical clinic was established at the end of 2007. We are a private aesthetic medicine clinic, registered at the Health Inspectorate of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia as an out-patient medical institution that can provide medical dermatological and aesthetic services.

Our specialists have gained experience and practical skills in dermatology and aesthetic medicine that allows to consider our clinic as modern and up to date medical institution. The clinic is based on European private-practice principles, focusing its attention to both exceptional customer service and high medical quality standards. EU-certified equipment only is used as well as strict sterilization and disinfection procedures are routine.

Doctors for more than 20 years have been regularly updating their knowledge both in Latvia as well as in foreign institutions. In our clinic only EU registered medicines and medical devices are used, Europe’s and world-recognized methods are standard procedures. For each client enough time is given to understand and optimize his condition and find solutions that meets their needs and expectations. Peaceful atmosphere and attentive staff will make your visit emotionally pleasant and comfortable.