CO2 Laser surgery

Laser treatment of warts, papillomas, molluscs, mole

There are many reasons why we would like to remove moles including psychological ones, when the moles has aesthetically unattractive appearance, to reduce discomfort, when the mole is regularly injured (e.g. while shaving), or if disturbance is related to its localisation, when it is rubbed or pressed by clothes. Moles should be removed surgically due to much more serious reasons, i.e. if the mole is atypical and there is a risk of melanoma.

Mole laser treatment is a modern procedure, which will help you to remove unwanted benign skin formations quickly, safely and with no pain.

This is also one of a plurality of wart, papillomas treatments. Most often, this method is convenient in the absence of free time – it does not require long treatment local medication or in cases where the warts are resistant to other therapies.

Taking into account the localization of warts, papillomas, the laser wart removal is usually carried out by applying local anaesthetics: injecting a local anaesthetic into the skin so the procedure is completely painless. In removing warts, papillomas the laser energy is focused directly on the wart-forming tissue; it is destroyed and removed. The laser wart removal procedure takes 10–30 minutes on average, depending on the number of warts, their size and localization.

After the laser wart removal procedure and in order to avoid the risk of infection, the treated area must be kept clean and dry. The doctor will explain how to care for your skin at home.