Botulin injection

Various aesthetic medicine techniques are applied for elimination of face skin involutional and structure changes, hyperdynamic and static wrinkles, skin excess. Botulinum toxin A is most widely used preparation for non-surgical correction of mimic wrinkles.

The first mimic wrinkles usually start forming at a young age due to constantly repeated emotional expression as well as due to inherent tendency to start emerging in case of increased activity of certain muscles. The nature of these wrinkles is determined during the adolescence period and they become persistent gradually. Wrinkles are always characterized by individual picture.

Barely visible at first, these wrinkles become more visible and deeper in time. Their kinetic types are distinguished:

  • Kinetic wrinkles – formed by the movement of face muscles directly related to emotional expressions and completely even up during the rest period.
  • Hyperkinetic wrinkles are usually more expressive in the forehead, bridge and periorbital area (around eyes), causing mostly occurring aesthetical discomfort. Constant, repetitive and too intensive activity of face muscles is one of the provocative factors of the development of mimic wrinkles accelerating the involutional processes. These wrinkles are mostly visible with the movement of muscles that move more frequently and are not always related to expressed emotions, and during longer rest period they even up, e.g., during sleep, wrinkles usually leave soft “path” at the beginning that becomes more deep in time.
  • Hypertonic wrinkles. Even during the rest period the muscles are intense, therefore, they cannot become fully loose and do not depend on human will.
  • Static wrinkles are formed due to degenerative changes in face skin and muscle apparatus that are related to ageing tissue changes are also stimulated by environmental factors (UV rays exposure, gravitation, harmful habits, etc.). These are mostly visible during the rest period when no movements are made.

Injected botulinum toxin A inhibits the neuromediators acetylcholine in neuromuscular connection and anatomic cholinergic ganglia. Without the effect of nervous impulse muscles do not contract. In this way, botulinum toxin A temporarily relaxes face muscles by softening or completely eliminating the formed folds or wrinkles composed due to specific interaction of contraction of muscles or their groups.


Usually, the impact starts to be visible on the 7nd – 7th day, however, sometimes the effect fully manifests within 14 days. Mimic muscles are relaxed and the skin becomes even in problematic areas. The effect lasts for 4 to 6 or even 8 months. Sometimes – up to 1 year. Emotions can be expressed like before, however, they are not accompanies with increased wrinkles of face skin.